Tomasz Perek
Law Office

ul. Nadwiślańska 3/B1
30-527 Cracow
NIP: 637-199-53-68
REGON 122400699

tel. (12) 421 13 96
fax (12) 429 41 86
tel. kom. 509 15 81 82


Corporate advisory

The law firm renders full service to companies, participating in making business decisions at all levels of the organization. We cooperate with Executive Boards in restructuring processes, not focusing only on legal aspects of the process. The law office participates also in making investment decisions, striving to run the projects in a way that will ensure that a goal of a given investment, including tax goal, could be met. The law office also represents shareholders or partners during General Meetings or Partners Meetings.

Corporate advisory includes also ongoing phone and e-mail consultation. Meetings at the client's office can be arranged. Within the above mentioned fields, the law office represents its Clients before administrative boards, and in court proceedings.

Civil proceedings, litigations and arbitral proceedings

The law office possesses experience in representing Clients in handling civil litigations between companies or private individuals. The law office represents Clients in:

  • court proceedings: both civil and economic, in the courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court;
  • mediation proceedings,
  • execution proceedings,
  • protection procedures,
  • amicable and arbitration proceedings (economic and trade arbitration).

Legal auditing

The law office has experience in complex research of the statuses of business entities. The above mentioned research is carried out in terms of the circulation of the entity's assets, as well as introducing a new investor, or an ongoing evaluation of the business procedures. Any business aims of our Clients are preceded by the analysis of the tax consequences in order to ensure finding optimal tax solutions.


Legal contracts of our Clients are always concluded in close cooperation with the advocate, to ensure that legal frames of the contract are as wide as possible. The law office has experience in constructing contracts for the fields such as construction, real estate development, investment, sales, and marketing. Our office handled contracts having a whole company or its organized part as objects, and many others that has been realized so far.

Real estate investment and handling construction processes

The Law Office provides advice for its Clients on handling construction processes. We participate in the whole preparation cycle of execution of construction investments, from purchasing the estate and acquiring the necessary administrative decisions (land development conditions decision, building permit), through organizing a tender for civil works, up to negotiations and concluding project agreements and contracts for civil works. The law office also renders constant advisory to entities having administrative services and estate management as the object of their business activity.

Economic Criminal Law

The Law Office also renders services of representing clients in case of prosecution incident to the broadly defined business transactions. Because of frequent interference of criminal law with area of economic law and thanks to experience in functioning of entities in business transactions, the Law Office has started to provide services within the scope of prosecutions incident to business activities.